Jo and Lauren have both worked for many years in the realms of writing, coaching, marketing and education. Find out more about their backgrounds over on the Your Coaches page.

Some people have said really nice things about working with us…

“Improved resilience”

The Write to Thrive course has had such a strong positive impact on my life. It helped me dig deep and understand one of the main issue I have been facing and what steps I needed to take to fix it. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. During the course and since it’s ended, I felt that my resilience has really improved and I’m much kinder to myself, which feels amazing. I actually feel like I can support myself when things get tough. It feels great and I’m so grateful for Jo’s support and encouragements.

“Open and welcoming”

Leading our growing group of online genre writers, Lauren has guided us through fun and explorative exercises to develop writing creativity, as well as facilitating discussion topics and open conversations. She encourages us to own our content and makes the space feel open and welcoming. Lauren brings a warmth and genuine personality that immediately puts you at ease.

“Champion, commiserator, cheerleader”

Lauren immediately welcomed me into the fold, brought me on board and reignited my writing habit during her Saturday online writing retreat. Since then she has also brought me into her accountability group where she champions our word counts, commiserates with us through writer’s block and continues to pass on resources, courses, inspiration and places to submit our work. Lauren created these spaces to support her local writing community and she continues to be a source of support, however I feel about my writing.

Want some of this support to call your own?

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