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Ready to show up for your story, quiet the inner critic and get words done?

Joining the Show Up For Your Story programme gets you access to two skilled professionals with plenty of experience to offer across many writing and coaching disciplines. Because the personality and project mix is so important to the environment we create, we ask interested writers to register their interest. We’ll then invite you to chat with Jo and Lauren so you can find out more. Once we’re all happy, we’ll officially invite you to be a part of the programme.

What you get for your investment in your writing

  • Monthly group coaching session to get you through the tough patches and cheer each other on
  • Monthly journaling sessions giving you practical ways to overcome your inner critic, build self-compassion and start cheering yourself on
  • Supportive and constructive feedback on your work in progress
  • Weekly check-ins to log your progress
  • Weekly email encouragement inspiration, tips and journaling prompts 
  • Advice and support on building a profile and marketing your writing
  • Online community environment so you can chat with other participants in between sessions

In numbers, this is how that looks:

  • One x 1 hour opening circle
  • 26 weekly newsletters with prompts and inspiration
  • Six x 1 hour discussion evenings
  • Six x 1 hour Write to Thrive journaling sessions
  • Six x 1 hour group coaching sessions
  • Eight x 1 hour optional sprint sessions
  • One x 1 hour closing circle
  • 24/7 access to a community Slack group

That’s 28 hours of live virtual content, plus the community and email support, over the course of six months.

Who is this for?

Writers who…
  • Have a wonderful idea for a novel – and have maybe even started it – but find themselves stuck or uncertain 
  • Want constructive feedback in a small, safe space 
  • Love regular motivation and inspiration 
  • Want to stop comparing themselves to others 
  • Are ready to let go of feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, instead bringing in inspiration and creative freedom

Who is it not for?

Writers who…
  • Are seeking a ‘how to’ course – this is not about teaching you to write
  • Are looking for a quick fix (let us know if you find one)
  • Don’t have the time to think or commit to doing the work
  • Aren’t prepared to share their work or contribute to a community
  • Are already confident enough – go you! 

Make the investment

We know times are tough, so we offer two payment options: either pay in full up front, or split the cost with an initial 50% payment to secure your place and then pay the balance in our first two weeks. As the commitment is an important part of the outcomes, we don’t offer partial joining – it’s six months or bust!

If you want to join us but need a payment plan, please contact us and we’ll talk.

Split into two payments of
Pay in full up front

This course came at just the right time for me. I was embarking on some massive personal changes, and the structure of going from surviving to thriving really suited me and helped me to process my issues. Jo created a beautiful experience that wasn’t patronising or pushy the way some similar courses can be. The change in my mindset and how I approached my life was clearly visible. 

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Ready to show up for your story?

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