Show Up For Your Story is here to keep you feeling motivated, inspired and determined while writing your noteworthy novel, your passionate poetry, your stunning script…

What it’s about

Over six months your ideas will be nurtured while you are kept accountable and given tools to grow in confidence. The course combines guided writing sessions and coaching on how to overcome obstacles with supportive feedback and regular check-ins. 

We’ve designed it specifically for writers with loud inner critics because we have them too! We want to help you get past all the voices in your head that keep you from writing – and bring you back to the magic of storytelling. Plus, the techniques and tricks on offer will benefit all of your writing to come. Not only will you make serious progress with your work in progress, but you’ll learn to love the process. The result? More creativity, productivity and freedom. 

Although the course is delivered online this will be a small cohort of a maximum of 15 participants, as we believe that groups like this work best when you are seen and heard. You’ll also get to know fellow writers and their work, making connections which can last a lifetime.

Our community is inclusive, and all genders are welcome.

Who is this “we” we keep talking about? Find out here.

We’re hosting a free taster session on Saturday 15 May. Get your ticket here.

What’s included?

  • Monthly in-person unblocking session: discussing progress and sticky parts, how you’re feeling and where to go next 
  • Monthly Write to Thrive journaling sessions giving you practical ways to overcome your inner critic, build self-compassion and start cheering yourself on.
  • Regular feedback sessions: supportive, encouraging and constructive commentary on your work from Lauren, Jo and your fellow writers 
  • Weekly check-ins where you will log your progress and earn gold stars! 
  • Weekly email encouragement inspiration, tips & journaling prompts 
  • Advice and support on building a profile and marketing your writing in a non-icky, non-salesy way
  • Online community environment so you can chat with other participants in between sessions
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